Our performances are produced by the American Drama Group Europe (ADGE) based in Munich, Germany and performed by the British theatre companies TNT THEATRE BRITAIN and TOUR DE FORCE THEATRE COMPANY.

ADGE was established by Mr. Grantly Marshall in 1978 in Munich, Germany and currently performs in many countries in Europe, Asia and America. In the beginning it was linked to the University of Munich where the first performances were held. It expanded quickly to other theatres in Munich and also began to give guest performances in other German cities. Then, it spread beyond German borders in all directions.

The repertoire consists of British and American classical and modern dramas. British director Paul Stebbings, who studied theatre in Kraków in the 1980s, applies the Grotowski technique and emphasises movement and musical components in his performances.

In the Czech Republic, we have been organising these shows since 1997. We started in Prague and due to success we currently perform in other regional towns across the country, too. In 2004 we started to perform in Bratislava, Slovakia; in December 2005 in Wroclaw and Krakow and in October 2007 in Warszawa, Poland. During 24 years of performing in Central Europe, more than 600,000 audiences have seen the shows.